Good You

“we have always set out to take street-food to the next level, that has always been the goal.  When we first started, we believed that the best medium for that could be discovered in these streets, right here in Kansas City.  we were right.
In November of 2010 we started “Good You: a mobile organic eatery”.  We wanted to be organic, with as many ingredients possible, as well as organic with our intentions as we honor the food from seed and steer all the way to your palate.
In our first year we fed over 50,000 people both locally and nationally, from the sidewalks of Main street all the way to the Everglades of Central Florida.  Now we are expanding to the great INdoors.  While elevating common street-food and American comfort fare to even another level, we introduce: “Plates” at The Czar Bar.  Food you can still put your hands on but we ask that you cross your legs while you enjoy it.
We use Missouri raised grass-fed beef, pork and poultry from Barham Cattle Co. & Family Farm in Kearney, Mo., bread from Farm To Market Bread Co., produce from Bear Creek Farms and some of your favorite local farmer’s markets,  as well as eggs from Campo-LIndo and as many other natural, local and organic ingredients we can get our hands on.  We take those ingredients, we sprinkle them with tears of joy and the dust of a thousand angels and now… we are putting them on a plate.
It’s the simple, hand-crafted, scratch made, damn good food you’ve been waiting for and we cant wait to cook it for you.”
Eat well… be well… Good You

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